Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Airports, and Buses, and Death , Oh My!

Well I made it through Dublin airport quickly enough. Nothing of interest there really. I was hoping their new terminal would be open but no, I had to plod through the old one.

Then came Schipol. There were so many tulips I had to take a picture! I mean, there were more stands selling tulip bulbs than there were information desks!

Narita. That was interesting. I got off the plane (the one in the picture if you hadn't copped that by now) into a stifling heat and thought "holy fuck, I might actually die here." Only to later realise that the airport's air conditioning was keeping it comparatively comfortable to the outside world. I think I'll be finding out the melting point of an adult Irish male over here.

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  1. what is narita hotter than other parts of japan?? i thought it was too small like one good irish deathcloud would cover it :P