Monday, August 23, 2010

Shooting Babies!

Soon I shall be taking up new residence in Tokyo, but with two weeks to go until I fly half way around the world and a number of annoyances are starting to crop up:
  1. I've still got to get my suitcases and shit sorted so I can actually pack!
  2. I've still got to get boxes for the crap I'm not taking, pack away said crap, and decide where it's going to be for the next year.
  3. I've been informed I'm flying on a notoriously bad airline for long-haul flights.

On the plus side my ever-loving mother has given me a camera as a going away present. A 12 megapixel Fujifilm Finepix AV 120. It's got a special mode for shooting babies. I've yet to try it out, but anything with a specific setting for shooting babies is already a winner in my book.

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